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Is society to be blamed for individual failure? [FH English Task]

Society is to be blamed for individual failure

Following, I want to invite you to a discussion on the basis of the movie “L.A. Crash”:
Is society to be blamed for individual failure?

At first I want to tell you my first opinion. I think we can consider ourselves as social beings. We need social bindings in our lives. Even loneliness is harmfuller as smoking. The social bindings make us dependant on emotions, behavior and thoughts.
The evaluation of the society’s influence on individuals I don’t want to further discuss.
Fact is that society, including family and friends, has much influence on us.
Because we all are individuals. And crowds have the most power in democracy what influences finally all individuals. Mobbing or bullying is a simple bad case of society’s influence on individuals. It can end up in the victim’s suicide. (Reminder: What the most people, the mass, does or thinks, is not a proof of its correctness! p.e. II. WW)

I am making clear now that I agree to the thesis.
In my (crazy) imagination even terrorists like the follower of Osama Bin Laden, a paediatrist,  can be seen just as a poor guy who felt bad in his childhood so that he wants to fight, struggle for his personal right ideals. Unfortunately violently in Djihad.

Because society forms individuals society is to be blamed for individuals failure also.
But this is dependant on the kind of failures. And I have to admit that we cannot give all the blame to other people. Otherwise the law and justice could not work when all people would be seen as good ones “in nuce” and all actions wouldn’t have consequences.

At last I want to give a few examples of L.A. Crash for proofing the correctness of the thesis.

·         Tom Hansen kills Peter. This is his failure. It is the consequence of his stereotype which is made by society and maybe by experiences with other black people in L.A. in his past
·         John Ryan harasses Christine. Normally, he would not do this! But he is influenced in his emotions by Shanqiua who triggered his anger, desperation. He is hurt…
·         Even the car crash at the beginning can be viewed as a proof. The other driver, a part of society, is responsible for the accident. You can always blame the others :o

The next problem to discuss would be how much responsibility and paternalism for others is right?
And how much blame can be given away to society? Where is the border?

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